Migrant workers in Mauritius

Forced to stay on what turned out not to be the paradise island.

Documents from Candytex Workers

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We went on a dormitory inspection in St. Pierre, Mauritius. The article we wrote about it can be found here. The workers gave us the permission to share what they told us with the public, including photocopies of their passports, work permits, notice to employer and pay-slips.

What used to be a table is now turned into a bed.

Veena Dholah and the workers we met. Here they are talking in the kitchen.

The bathroom. There is a water leakage, so the floor is covered in water. The stick on the floor is to balance on so you don’t get you feet wet.

Bishwa’s passport. He is lucky his boss didn’t take it from him.

His visa, which was granted in a hotel in New Delhi, a third-part country, on his way here.

Payslip showing how Amit is paid 16.57 Rs an hour. That is 0.368 pound sterling an hour!

Written by Maria Louise

July 6, 2011 at 11:13 am

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